Ttokpokki (English Teen Novel)
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Ttokpokki (English Teen Novel)

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A today teenager like me is so excited when we read a teen romance novel telling the main character’s love story. I like a story that can make me feel flattered, touched, and cry at the same time. When I started reading Ttokpokki, I thought, “Wow! Another romance story! I’ve got to read it quick!” and I thought it would make me feel like I was in the story. Of course, I feel challenged reading a novel in English, although this is not the first time I have read a novel in English. Ttokpokki takes place in Korea, one of my favorite countries, so I was even more excited about reading it. There are a few things that I really like about this novel. First, the English is not that difficult, so it’s easy for an Indonesian teenager like me to read. Second, Donna’s theme will be loved by teenagers. Third, I like a happy ending, so of course, I like Ttokpokki’s ending. However, there are a few things that make me confused. First, we (the readers) aren’t informed enough about why Kim Yoosung is called F-LO. The reason is never explained in the book. Second, I don’t know why SKY took F-LO to the hospital and even gave him his blood despite, from when they first meet, they are always fighting. Even though SKY’s sister is F-LO’s girlfriend, it is still irrational of him to do that. Therefore, sorry to say this, I thought, “What? They’re making this up too fast!” I know that Donna is really a talented writer. But, honestly, I prefer her first book, The Never Land. When I read Ttokpokki, I didn’t get the same feeling that I got when I read The Never Land. Setting aside my comments, it really is an interesting story. And I know that Donna can make many better stories. A lot of them. Good luck!
Reading this novel, I could immediately recall that evocative experience a few years back when I was an English teacher and assigned my students a writing project in which they’re to exert themselves to come up with a piece of writing at their best. They did pretty well and I rejoiced at their works. But I soon learned that Donna’s novel is a real achievement without parallel in the works of my students even compared to that of my brightest student. What’s primarily striking when reading ‘Ttokpokki’ is the author’s excellence in English. Her diction is vibrant; words are carefully selected and every phrase is cunningly manufactured. Clauses and sentences appearing in this book imply that she knows well how to deal with syntactic construction. This remarkable command of English has surely paved her way to tell the story in a mesmerizing flow while presenting witty dialogs and spanking narration, that I ‘gobbled’ this novel in two days. I like it that the story progressed swiftly from one chapter to another the way two friends are chewing the fat. I was simply taken captive by her colorful expressions as she unfolded the story so creatively that I want to complete reading it right away. Each paragraph has its own energy to cast this book as a gripping read. Nevertheless, I’ve found several things that need to be taken into account. The storyteller didn’t describe why Yoosung came to be nicknamed F-LO and why in some occasions he insisted everyone at school call him so. Then there’s a chapter entitled ‘Tickle’ which was there to merely introduce Hanlee, Yoosung’s sister. This section doesn’t seem to render significance to the whole story building and can therefore be removed. Had this chapter been intended to illustrate Yoosung’s intimacy with his sister, it would have been better for Donna to write a little longer section. In addition, it’s rather hard for me to figure out the dramatic shift in SKY’s attitude towards F-LO before and after the collision. Out of human nature, how could SKY turn to be so nice to his ‘enemy’ right after he wanted to beat up the latter guy so badly? SKY later agreed to donate his blood for the injured F-LO but SKY’s undergoing no mental conflict at all before making his generous donation despite the two’s vile enmity. While there’s nothing special in both subject matter and plot, her technique in story writing, one of which is the slight use of stream of consciousness as found in my favorite chapter ‘Dream’, is of paramount skill to help her build her own craftsmanship upon composing a lot better work of art in the future. For this reason, I shan’t be surprised one day to find Donna rated as one of established authors, embracing the world with earth-shattering novels. Once she can develop a certain novelty value in every work of hers, it’ll be a truism for everyone to see her as another Rowling or a Virginia Woolf from Indonesia.
I've read a lot of young adult novels of famous authors, but in my opinion, this is the best teen novels that must be read by teens today. it is very interesting and easy to understand about teenage life today. besides of that it also does not contain elements that offend others. I hope and believe this novel would be the best-selling young adult novels on the market. and specifically for writers, good luck for the future and always create the best works not only for teens but for all levels of Indonesian society.

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