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"Justin ... hmmmm I do not want any relationship here .... it's just for fun .... right?
"Yea ... I know it, but I like u very much ... what should I do baby ????? I cannot stop thinking of u. ... "
Linda was silent for a moment and think that this mode is already common in cyberspace, if at the forward end of talking about sex. "Justin ... lisent, best friend will be so beautiful ....... and that's better for us .... We can share anything."
"I know ... u mockery of me ...... so silly .."
"Please do not think so ... I tell u the real thing .... Some relationship is Imposible here .... We have a real life .." Linda storing mobile phone into his pocket and brought her daughter rushed to the car pickup. After making sure her daughter left for Linda was re-issued cell phone and back with Justin.


Here the story of three friends, meet and mingle in cyberspace. Morange led to extraordinary experiences, friendships, relationships, hostility and which can be avoided again is sex cyber sex ...." yea !!!!! "
problems over their real life, when Niki must meet for dating with a men from Morange led to the destruction of the household.
Misterius of a man who periodically sends a message to Linda, in the end he comes with a surprising way.

Where as their life's journey?? here in describing how Morange wildlife that may not be comparable to other mobile sites.

let's look at the life of their adventure in cyberspace ........ with my imagination.

Morange lovers you must read this novel ...........

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