Posted at Jul 19, 2012

Putera Hasudungan, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Sci-Tech | Sun, April 03 2011, 2:55 PM

Self-publishing concept may be a common thing in other countries, but not here. Founded in October 2010, Nulisbuku, a portmanteau of the Indonesian words for “write” and “book”, is the first website in Indonesia that helps writers to publish their own books.

A user can upload a document, turn it into a book and publish it themselves. People can promote their books to friends or relatives once they login on to www.Nulisbuku.com. 

“The concept of Nulisbuku is self-publishing and print-on-demand. We believe that everyone can be a 
writer,” Angeline Anthony, who jointly established Nulisbuku with Aulia Halimatussadiah, Brilliant Yotega and Oka Pratama, said.

Sometimes, Angel said, people who intend to become writers have ideals different from their publishers, who tend to choose books that have the potential to be bestsellers.

On the other hand, it takes a lot of money for writers to publish their own books. This is where Nulisbuku offers a solution.

Angel said, many people thought that Nulisbuku is a publishing house. In fact, when people upload a document there, they publish the book by themselves.

Nulisbuku is a vessel to accommodate writers who want to publish books.

Nulisbuku only prints books that customers order.

“Now there are already 400 documents on the website. Everyday we print dozens of books. We don’t have a stock of books. We don’t use ready stock system. If there is a demand, we just print it,” said Angel.

Nulisbuku users also can be the marketers for their books. They can promote their books through Facebook or Twitter. As for customers, they can search for and buy books on the site.

How does the process work?

After creating an account click through to the My Projects page and add a project. There you will be directed to add a book in a four part process: Books General, Books Summary, Books Upload, and Terms & Conditions. 

Books General is where you fill in the general information about your book, like the book’s title, writer’s name, book category, paper type, which pages are in color or black and white and the profits you want to get from the book.

You can only place color insets on every eigth page while the minimum black-and-white pages for an order is 100.

Books Summary is where you write your book’s main point. There is no reference in the site how long you can describe the book. There is a panel to set the style, paragraphs and the size of the font of the summary.

Before you upload your document, it is best to download the templates. It is a Microsoft Word file containing book templates and cover templates in JPEG format.

The rule from Nulisbuku is that you must adjust your document to the templates, as examples are the arrangement of the writer’s name, book’s title, and the publisher’s name.

For the cover, if you don’t have any cover design you could use the default cover. Aside from the cover, you could upload the cover thumbnail in 200 x 75 JPEG/GIF/PNG format. The cover thumbnail is use to shows the customer the book cover in a small size.

By the way, you could give a name that you want to be your publisher, but of course you can’t use a name that had been taken by official publishers.

After you upload the files, Nulisbuku will set the price you have to pay for printing the book. As an example, if your book contains 100 black and white pages and a colorful cover, you must pay Rp 20,000 (US$2) for the printing cost. 

The most important thing to know is about your book’s royalties. The deal is 60 percent of the profit for you and the other 40 percent for Nulisbuku. Cus-tomers must pay the book price plus a shipping cost the amount of which depends on their location.

The writer is an intern at The Jakarta Post

Link: Nulisbuku.com on the Jakarta Post