Pirate Time
0 Colour Pages & 217 B/W Pages
Kategori: Novel
Harga: Rp 90000

Pirate Time have meaning, Pirate means Captain Jack Pearl and his crews adventures while Time means Their Journey.

Pirate Time tells a story about young woman that her name is Anne Louise for beginning at year 1710, in Bahamas. She met with a young man that his name is Jack Pearl. Jack Pearl helped Anne from bad peoples and Jack Pearl is a Captain from Pirate that his crew’s name are Revenge and his ship’s name is Diamond Dash. The flag had skull and top of the right side they draw a little green leaf and in front the ship had mermaid statue. The flag that have green leaf means they are good pirate that not steal/ rob other ship’s treasures. They just have to find treasures, doing hunter thing to find bad peoples and get reward, or do some transport for any request to delivery any goods and get reward, to be a bodyguard, or other job that not have disadvantage purposes. Anne been taken by Captain Jack to work as his new crew. Captain Jack member crew’s names are Larry, Billy, Yann, Finn, Jake, Cody, Mathias, and George. Captain Jack and his crews started their journey to Lisbon, Portugal to find wanted list to earn some money. Captain Jack picked John Igor the Pirate for 6,000 silver pennies and heard rumor that John Igor is in Coruna at Northern Coast in Spain. So their job to find John Igor at Coruna, Anne’s life been changed that time.

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