Turn Right: a Journey to Purposeful Careers
8 Colour Pages & 255 B/W Pages
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“You are invited to not just be a reader.

You will also be a writer, a creator, a designer of your own story and journey.” 

Are you looking for answers? Do you want a career that gives you fulfillment and endless development? If you answer yes, then my friends, this book is for you. This book is never intended to be yet another book from an individual that wants to influence you to be something you are not. It is also not motivational mumbo-jumbo telling you to “just follow your passion no matter what”. This book is about you, about your own journey in finding your purposeful career. You will get to an understanding that with the right design and approach, pursuing a career is not the same as paying the bills. Instead, a career can be the right vehicle for you in realizing the reason for your existence while at the same time reaching your own personal goals – goals that are essential for your life. 


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I simply can't put this book down when I started reading it. I'm reading the "Talent" chapter now and it really says the thing that we're afraid to say before, to our parents, society and ourself. It discovers that all of us have inborn gift and we should not hesitate to unleash it. While starting my first ever journalling journey with this book, needless to say, this is a really strong and important book to read.
Even though I have read quite a number of books about purpose and career and have been living a career where I work with many millennials on similar topics….I still find Inez's book to bring something useful and fresh to the table. What makes this book unique is the bunch of questions Inez is trying to bombard you with (in a very positive sense.) Along with many blank spaces you can use to take your pen/pencil and write your thoughts directly on the book. The book pushes you to have that self-talk with yourself that you may not necessarily have in other inspirational books you read. And that is gold. Inez’s life story is not like many others. She embodies what it truly means to live a purposeful career. Imagine at her age, she has managed to work voluntarily (for full time!) in issues she is passionate about; she has spoken for thousands on young people in many different countries, founded a facilitating program about purposeful life and look at her now she just wrote a book. She leads us by example through her stories, not just talking. And lastly, the book is very practical. The call to action is not to blindly follow your passion and quit your job, but to take measurable small steps, one at a time, through slowly increasing pace. Typical advises you won’t find often in this self-help industry. For those of you millennials who are still wondering what your career would be in the future and what does it take to really create a purposeful career, I highly recommend you to read the book and create conversation with yourself which the book would be more than happy to help you start!
I love how i can draw and personalize this book to my experience. It feels like writing a diary, but with a purpose: not only to be mindful about who you are at the moment but also about who you want to be in the future. A worth reading (and doing) personal development book!

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