Turn Right: a Journey to Purposeful Careers
8 Colour Pages & 255 B/W Pages
Kategori: Pengembangan Diri
Harga: Rp 120000

“You are invited to not just be a reader.

You will also be a writer, a creator, a designer of your own story and journey.” 

Are you looking for answers? Do you want a career that gives you fulfillment and endless development? If you answer yes, then my friends, this book is for you. This book is never intended to be yet another book from an individual that wants to influence you to be something you are not. It is also not motivational mumbo-jumbo telling you to “just follow your passion no matter what”. This book is about you, about your own journey in finding your purposeful career. You will get to an understanding that with the right design and approach, pursuing a career is not the same as paying the bills. Instead, a career can be the right vehicle for you in realizing the reason for your existence while at the same time reaching your own personal goals – goals that are essential for your life. 


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I love how i can draw and personalize this book to my experience. It feels like writing a diary, but with a purpose: not only to be mindful about who you are at the moment but also about who you want to be in the future. A worth reading (and doing) personal development book!

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