Close Your Eyes & You'll See Me
0 Colour Pages & 272 B/W Pages
Kategori: Fan Fiction
Harga: Rp 65000

This book is coming with English Version and it might bit different... 

If you love genre of Mpreg then there you go.. Mpreg, Angst, Hurt!, Friendship, and something that related to those things, you'll find it in this book. 

Getting curious? Please, have a peek and hope you guys can enjoy it... 

I've changed a bit for the character's names because my friend told me that it'd be safe if I change a bit, so I just did, but don't worry because the main idea in here is still same as what I've planned before - If you knew it from the started... 

*I wrote this - pure because I love imagining and writing, so there isn't bad purpose in here. Hope you guys can bear with me... 

Thank you and have a great day..... 


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