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Want to learn over 360 words in Indonesian in under 1 week?

Of course you can also take your time, relax and learn at your pace. This book provides a remarkably effective method (3 times more than traditional learning) to learn Indonesian using word associations from a language you already know, "English". No more boring learning by repetition or complicated grammar, you will learn words rapidly, easily and with little practice, be speaking like a native, in no time. 

“My aim is to provide a method of learning which anyone can use, that not only makes words easy to remember, but is presented in a manner which is engaging, comical and highly effective. It's the method I used to learn the language and love being able to share it with you” - James

You will learn Indonesian much faster than conventional language courses using the technique of word association. It’s easy, engaging and permanent, no more book worming with boring lists of words.



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