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It is only because of God’s love and direction that these quotes are eventually compiled in a book. I have been writing these quotes in the last two years and sharing them And I think it will be sweet to put them in a book. Valencienne Anita Le Cerff Writer

English Literature and Language is my field of study and I have been writing poems, quotations, and articles online and on tabloid. Writing is a bliss for me. I love writing poems to express my thoughts and feelings about the nature, life, religion, and the social aspects. Lately, I spend most of the time writing inspirational quotes based on my personal experience and observation. I believe by writing inspirational quotes, I can motivate the readers, my students, and other people. Reading does not end when you stop reading the text, article, poems, or inspirational quotes. It brings about something " fruitful " as you have finished reading. It can be new ideas, motivations, renewals.

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